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In an increasingly vocal world, the art of effective public speaking is the language of leadership. Whether it is an impressive vocabulary or the ability to hold great conversations, we conduct public speaking classes online for your kids to improve public speaking and shine in professional and personal lives throughout.

  • This module will help your child:
    • Improve public speaking skills
    • Become proficient in the English Language
    • Develop a rich vocabulary
    • Build confidence in their day-to-day conversations




The mind that is open to new ideas never returns to its original size. At School of Life, we build critical thinking, logic and math skills through fun learning activities. Our state-of-the-art curriculum is designed to eliminate the fear of math and make your child confident in their school curriculum as well as real-world application of math.

  • This module will help your child:
    • Perform quick, accurate calculations using Vedic Math
    • Think logically while dealing with problems
    • Enhance their observation skills and focus
    • Improve their mathematical critical thinking and logical reasoning


We all aspire our children to grow up to be leaders of an increasingly global world and we strongly believe that leaders aren’t born, they are made.Therefore, at School of Life we offer a safe space to nurture leadership skills for kids through a variety of productive online courses.

  • This module will help your child:
    • Become an authentic and empathetic leader
    • Gain awareness of current affairs and the world
    • Nurture confidence through personal development sessions
    • Learn through peers via team building exercises

Does your child have creative and interesting ideas but is not sure how to communicate them? Well, we have got you covered!
Be it writing blogs, journalism, short stories or any other form of creative writing for kids, we will help your child unleash their imagination and guide them to write constructively with our Creative Writing for Kids Course.

  • This module will help your child:
    • Become a skilled and impactful writer
    • Express their thoughts clearly
    • Enhance their artistic expression
    • Learn to communicate informally and formally through words

With kids spending a lot of time in schools and homework, they need a platform to express their creative sides. School of Life offers online art classes for kids to explore all types of art, ranging from pencil drawing, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, in an entertaining manner. The classes are divided by different age groups and involve different focuses like animal drawing, portrait drawing, comics, creative painting, and much more.

  • This module will help your child:
    • Enhance their artistic expression
    • Develop their creativity
    • Learn about different art forms in a fun, interactive manner
    • Imagine and perceive a bright and colourful world

With kids exposed to a lot of technology daily, is it important that they are digitally proficient. At School of Life, kids can learn computer skills online to make them real-world ready. With digital skills for students being an important 21 st century skill, we are committed to teaching them in a fun, interactive and entertaining manner.

  • This module will help your child:
    • Learn MS Office – Word, PowerPoint and Excel
    • Explore digital design with Canva
    • Leverage the power of internet for their academics and beyond
    • Understand digital safety and security