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Creative writing can be a fun way to express oneself as well as learn.

It’s not just about using creative words, but also improving how the brain works in learning new things. The process of doing creative work is much like problem-solving: you have a starting point that sets up an issue or question, then you must think of a solution that satisfies the problem or answer. Creative work is a form of play, which has been proven to increase serotonin levels linked to depression and anxiety.

It also helps to improve your child’s study habits, because they are more likely to pay attention in class when they’re already thinking about their creative projects at home.

Creative writing can also develop emotional skills. By creating a story, a child can channel their emotions and develop how to manage in a situation. For example, they may be able to show empathy with a character, express different emotions experienced by characters or manage a difficult situation that a character is feeling. This may help a child to express how they feel and understand how others feel. Self- discovery and self-expressions can be demonstrated throughout the child's words and storytelling abilities.

It also teaches students how to communicate their ideas in a clear and concise manner. This is important for any educational setting, but it’s especially true for the higher grades where verbal communication skills are more heavily relied upon. Your child will communicate well and be good with other students. This will make them learn from their fellow students as well as teach them. Hence, the improvement in grades will be for all the students around.

Creativity seems to diminish as we get older. Those crazy stories of fairy tale princesses battling ferocious dragons to save the town later turns into business prose. So, encourage your children to write, to be creative, to use their imagination, and then praise them when they do. Build their confidence to clearly communicate their point of view, their thoughts, and their feelings. Think of a place where kids can grasp the skills as well as enjoy it, think School of Life.